Traveller's Feedback

For more than 15 years our clients have been telling us about their unforgettable experiences on their trips to Africa. Many of them fulfilled a lifelong dream. Read about their experiences here!

An unforgettable journey through Tanzania

24.10. 2022

Our travel preparation started already in 2019, due to special circumstances we could start our journey only in 2022 and returned with thousands of impressions and completely overwhelmed. All requests and wishes were implemented by Annette. she was always available by phone and email. We are still happy and grateful to have planned our dream trip for 5 friends with her.

Already at Kilimanjaro Airport we were warmly welcomed by our personal driver Partson, his German was perfect. We experienced with him an extremely exciting and interesting week, whether on the coffee farm, the game drives in Arusha National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, the mosquito village or Lake Manyara National Park. The evening before he always promised us what animals we would see, and what can we say. He was right!

The accommodations were selected by Annette to our complete satisfaction, the service and attention of the hotel staff made it all an unforgettable experience. Especially impressive was the adventure at Africa Amini Maasai Lodge.

In between Partson fulfilled our wishes to visit at school, a quarry, a glaziery and a carpenter's workshop. Thus we got to know people directly and experienced only friendly and open-minded people.

We ended our trip with a beach stay in Zanzibar, the hotel, especially the breakfast by the ocean, let us start every day into a wonderful day. Our trip ended with a visit to a spice farm and an overnight stay in Stone Town. However, this town seemed very dilapidated to us and the cahrm of the old times shone through only in a few places. World cultural heritage we had smoehow imagined differently.

All in all we had the trip of a lifetime, Tanzania, its people, the friendliness and the breahttaking nature overwhelmed us.

We still live on these impressions and it is difficult to creat a photo book from thousands of photos.

If you are planning a trip through Tanzania, then plan it with Annette. Our warmest recommendation. 1000 times Thanks to her and her tema.

Falko, Simone, Bettina, Falko and Sabine