Rongai Route

Tanzania | 6 days

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The Rongai Route 

The Rongai Route is the only route that starts on the Kenyan side of Kilimanjaro. It is very scenic and easy to do within 6 days on the mountain. On this route you will move on a less frequented route during the first few days so you can enjoy the ascent of Kilimanjaro to the fullest. After climbing the summit, the route changes to the Marangu Route and ends at the Marangu Gate.

Country Tanzania
Accommodation Tent
Food Fullboard
Minimum number of participants 2 person



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6 days


from 1900 €
Individual trip
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Tansania interaktive Karte
  • Arusha

  • Kilimandscharo


Scenic Mount Kilimanjaro

Detailed travel plan

  • Day 1


    There you issue your visa (50 US per person - or 100 US for US-Citizens), get your luggage and go through customs. Our driver will wait for you and transfers you to Arusha. Driving time 1 hour. Briefing for the Kilimanjaro Trekking with the guide. Dinner and overnight - Planet Lodge.

  • Day 2

    Start Rongai Route at Nalemoru Gate (2020m) - Simba Camp (2625m)

    Ascend in the rain forest zone

    Walking time: 3-4 hours for 8 Kilometers with an elevation difference of 605m
    After breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel and drive to Nalemoru gate. Our way by car leads us first through the small mountain village of Marangu. There is a very dusty gravel road, which leads us east past the Kilimanjaro to the starting point at Nalemoru Gate. As Amboseli National Park is not very far and wildlife is wandering around the area, the Chagga have protected themselves and their huts with high palings. Arriving at the gate all the formalities are completed and the luggage is distributed to the porters you start your Kilimanjaro Adventure.

    The first 150 meters set back on a good developed path. Pass the fields of mountain people, through pine forests. Along the whole way you will find information signs about fauna and flora. The wood is lighter in comparison to the other routes, and so you can hear the voices of the rainforest only occasionally. From an altitude of 2400 meters, the landscape has changed in the heath and moorland zone. Erica trees, grasses, mosses and marsh areas characterize the nature. After 3.5 hours of hiking you reach your today´s camp. The Simba Camp at an altitude of 2625 meters welcomes you with a wonderful view of Kibo and Mawenzi. You get tea and biscuits served and have time to relax before you get dinner.

  • Day 3

    Simba Camp (2625m) – Kikelewa Camp ( 3630m)

     Ascending in moorland

    Walking time: 5-6 hours for 10 km with an elevation difference of 1005 m

    The new day wakes you up with a breathtaking sunrise. After breakfast, continue your way through the moor land. The ascend can be felt more clearly than the previous day and from an altitude of 3200 meters, the trees are low and initial field formations are encountered. After 3 hours you will reach the first of three Rongai caves. Previously these were used as shelters for the porters. After lunch you continue your journey. Philippiaexcelsa shrubs and Erica continue to dominate the landscape. Over small river valleys and ridges, the trail winds up to Kikelewa Camp. The camp is a nature camp with rocky soil and stunning views. The rest of the evening is similar to that of the first day.

    nder Aussicht. Der restliche Abend verläuft ähnlich dem des ersten Tages.

  • Day 4

    Kikelewa Camp ( 3630m) – Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4310m)

    Ascend in the alpine desert

    Walking time: 3-4 hours for 5 kilometers and an elevation difference of 680 m

    After breakfast, you pass through a valley before the path becomes narrower and steeper. In front of you, you have great views of Kibo and Mawenzi, behind you, you have a beautiful view over the valleys of Kenya. The air is noticeably thinner and at a height of 4000 meters, a rather strenuous rocky passage is now following. On the next 100 meters hike highly concentrated on the path. Now there is only one last ridge between you and your camp today. You will pass a small mountain lake and reach about noon the Mawenzi Tarn Hut at an altitude of 4310 meters. For many this is the nicest camp on Mount Kilimanjaro. The wind-sheltered camp offers a spectacular view of the surrounding scenery. After lunch you have the opportunity to take a small excursion to nearby ledges, or relax in the afternoon. Watch a beautiful sunset and take your dinner.

  • Day 5

    Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4310m) – School Hut (4715m)

    Ascend over Kibo saddle

    Walking time: 4-5 hours for 8 kilometers with an elevation difference of 405m

    After a cold night, you can watch during breakfast the sunrise over Mawenzi to the sun. The 4th Section of the ascent of Kilimanjaro will lead you a 7 km long path over Kibo saddle. Slowly you will win altitude over a dusty, but well maintained mountain trail. Besides stunning views you will find some boulders and cairns along the way. About half an hour before you will reach the next camp, the trail becomes again steep and rocky. Some rocks have to be climbed and after 5 hours of trekking you will reach to the School Hut. By afternoon you will have dinner already and then go to bed quickly, to get as much sleep before the summit day.

  • Day 6

    Summit Day: School Hut (4715m) – Uhuru Peak ( 5895m) – Horombo Hut

    Ascent and descent in the summit zone and alpine desert

    Walking time: 12 - 14 hours for 21 kilometers with an elevation difference of 1180 m up and down 2175m

    About midnight you start your day with a light breakfast. Together with your guide you start by the starry, but bitter cold night in the direction to the summit. You have finished the first part after about 2 hours. You reach the Hans's Meyer cave on a height of 5200 m. The rest of the way is lighted by the forehead lamps of the other mountaineers and with every small step you get closer to the summit. After another 2 hours you reach the Gillman's Point at a height of 5681 metres. Officially you have reached the summit of the Kilimanjaro. The sun rises slowly and you experience a marvellous coulour play around Mawenzi. The way leads you now past on the edge of the Reusch crater to Stella Point (5740m). Further it goes past the Rebmann-Glacier which is dipped by the sunrays in the most different colours. Now you reach to Hans Meyer Point. From here you can already see the summit sign of the Uhuru Peak. Finish the last steps to reach your goal.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have reached the highest point of Africa. Admire the breathtaking view and do not forget to take the summit picture.

    You leave the summit and return to Gillman's Point. Further it goes along the crater edge back to the Kibo hut. There you take your lunch and proceed down to the Horombo hut.

  • Day 7

    Descent Horombo Hut (3720m) – Marangu Gate (1860m)

    Your last day of the Kilimanjaro adventure begins with an extensive breakfast. Take a picture of the whole team and continue your way back to Marangu gate. You will return on the same path as on the beginning, so you will see some people starting the same way you have finished already. Around afternoon you reach the Marangu gate. Here you receive your certificate and transferred back to Planet Lodge in Arusha for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 8

    Departure / Onward travel or further program

    Today we will be happy to transfer you on time on the airport or bus station. We will be also happy to make you an offer for a safari or beach holiday on Zanzibar. Ask us!

Planet Lodge

The Planet Lodge is located about 5km outside Arusha's city center. The rooms are built as bungalows and offer pleasant comfort. The garden and the pool invite visitors to linger. It is about 1 hour to the Kilimanjaro Airport. 


Zeltlager, Kilimandscharo, Steine

Kilimanjaro National Park

The snow-covered peak of the Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights of Africa. At the border of Kenya and Tanzania, the mountain rises up to 5896 m above sea level. It is one of the highest volcanoes in the world, the highest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain on Earth. In Kilimanjaro National Park, the Kilimanjaro shows up from the vast plains of Tanzania and features tropical rain forests, fields of glacial ice, swamps and mystic moon landscapes. Accept the big challenge of ascending this majestic mountain, discover the lush foothills, enjoy the breath-taking views.



2x overnight with halfboard in Arusha

5 nights in tents on the mountain

English speaking guide, assistant guide, cook, porter (minimum 3 per Person)

Entry fee

Rescue fee

Camping fee

Sleeping bag

Insurance against our insolvency (only if you are booking through the German Office)

Flying Doctors Insurance - in case of an accident or a sudden sickness - the Flying Doctors will pick you from the next airstrip and bring you to Nairobi to a hospital. From there your international health insurance should take over the costs of the treatment.


Visa fee (50 US per person - 100 US if US citizen)


Extra equipment

Things of personal need

International flight (we will be happy to send you an offer)

Tips - recommendation: 15-20 US per group per day for the main guide, 10-15 US per day per group for the assistant guide, 10-15 US per day per group for the cook and 5-10 US per porter per day - tips to be given at the end of the climbing.