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Mount Meru - Kilimanjaro's little brother

Mount Meru in Arusha National Park is also often referred to as the little brother of majestic Kilimanjaro. With almost 5000 m it is a good mountain for acclimatization for the following Kilimanjaro tour. Or you just climb this very demanding mountain. The particular challenge is in the nature of the surface of the earth. The volcanic soil is quite slippery and puts climbers to the test until they reach the summit. Nevertheless, climbing this mountain is an unforgettable experience and everyone can be proud who arrives at the summit.

Country Tanzania
Accommodation Huts
Food Fullboard
Minimum number of participants 2 person



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4 days


from 1100 €
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Mount Meru

Detailed travel plan

  • Day 1


    Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport. There you get your visa (50 US $ per person), pick up your luggage and go through customs. Our driver will be waiting for you there and will bring you to Arusha. Here, you will receive the necessary information for the imminent ascent of Mount Meru.

  • Day 2

    Start of the Mount Meru Trekkings at Momella Gate (1580m) - Miriakamba Hut (2514m)

    Ascent through the rainforest cultural zone 
    Walking time: about 4 - 5 hours for 6 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 950m

    After breakfast you will be picked up at the Hotel and you will drive to the Ngongongare Gate. During the trip, you will pass rice fields, plantations and lodges until you get to the entrance gate of the Arusha Nationalpark. After having passed the gate and your luggage has been weighed and divided, you will continue your trip through the Arusha Nationalpark until you get to the Momella Gate. There you will be assigned to a ranger, get done with all the necessary formalities und start for your ascent of Mount Meru. You will pass a bridge over the NgareNanyki River and will continue your track over the Momella Plateau. Most probably, you will see some giraffes, buffalo herds and other inhabitants of the Nationalpark here. The first ascending slope will be Shapero Hill and you will pass the 2000 m altitude limit very quickly. Alongside your path you will find yellow-red coloured torch lilies and other flowering grasses. Your track will slowly become smaller and, when the weather is fine, you will enjoy a wonderful look at Mount Kilimanjaro. After 4 - 5 hours you will arrive at your target of the day, the Miriakama Hut at an altitude of 2514m. There are fixed huts, which are equipped with 24 beds each. Moreover, there is a kitchen and an outhouse for the mountain climbers. You will receive your dinner and will go to bed afterwards.

  • Day 3

    Miriakamba Hut (2514m) - Saddle Hut (3566m)

    Ascent through the rainforest and moorland zone
    Walking time: about 4 hours for 7 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 1050m

    Today, you will have to face a much shorter track than the day before. However, it will lead uphill all the time and thus it should not be underestimated. After breakfast you will get started and already after a few minutes you will reach wooden stairs, which will help you get up your way. After half an hour you will get back to a normal trekking path and will see an incredible amount of torch lilies and Erica heath trees alongside your track. From time to time you will have to climb over fallen trees or roots. At a height of 3000 metres, apart from the torch lilies, there will also be winged cassias and iris flowers, which will show the richest colours of the rainforest. You will get to the Mgogowa Tembo Viewpoint and will reach today's picnic area at an altitude of 3200m. Refresh yourself and enjoy the wonderful view of the Little Mount Meru. 
    Option: After the lunch break you still have the possibility to climb the Little Mount Meru. This ascent will take about an hour and helps you to acclimatise. Apart from a certificate for the ascent of the Little Mount Meru, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Momella seas and the Momella Lodge, which once was inhabited by Hardy Krüger.

    After that the further ascent will require above all slip resistance. The small mountain path winds up the hill and time and time again, it is interrupted by big holes in the ground. After 2 more hours, you will reach the Saddle Hut, today's target. Your dinner will be served and you should go to bed early, in order to get as much sleep as possible in sight of tomorrow's summit ascent.

  • Day 4

    Saddle Hut (3566m) - Socialist Peak (4566m) - Miriakamba Hut (2514m)

    Ascent through the heath and alpine desert zone, descent through the rainforest
    Walking time: about 12 - 14 hours for 19 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 1000m uphill and 2050m downhill

    You will have your wake-up call at about 2 a. m., in order to leave for the summit ascent after breakfast. The path is very sandy and slippery up to Rhino Point. From there, the track will lead you over a small crest to the boulder fields at the side of the Kibo mountain slopes. The inclination will grow again and now the substrate is only composed of volcanic sand and small pebbles. The track will follow the western flank of the Mount Meru. Here, you have to be free of giddiness and must be a safe walker, since, starting at an altitude of 4200 metres, the summit landscape is filled with big rocks and steep slopes, which are partly covered with ice and which are very slippery. As soon as the sky becomes brighter, you can see the two peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and, after a few minutes, you will also see the summit flag. At sunrise, you will reach the Socialist Peak at an altitude of 4566 metres. This means that you have successfully climbed the Mount Meru. Congratulations!!! Enjoy the wonderful view, leave your impressions in the summit book and take your special souvenir photo.

    The descent will be made on the same track. Now you can fully enjoy the view to the Meru crater and the Rhino Point. The descent is very dusty and vegetation will start at a height of 3700 metres. You will return to the Saddle Hut, where a hot lunch will be ready for you. Use this break in order to gather new energy for the remaining descent. After the refreshment, you will be headed for the Miriakamba Hut. In the afternoon you will reach your bivouac after 12 - 14 hours. Your dinner will be served and you will go to bed then. You will sleep very well during this night.

  • Day 5

    Miriakamba Hut (2514m) - Momella Gate (1500m)

    Descent along the Southern Route
    Walking time: about 4 - 5 hours for 14 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 950m

    The last day of your Mount Meru ascent will start with a delicious breakfast. After that you will continue your descent. You can choose from 2 different descent routes. The easier and shorter version follows the ascent route. Towards the end you can have a little detour to the Tululusia Falls. The second version follows the Offroad Track south of Kitoto Hills parallelly. This is the description of the longer track, which you should choose if your energies and endurance allow this, since the landscape is nicer. Starting at the Miriakamba Hut this route will guide you over the crater level alongside the Lenganassa River. Enjoy the wonderful view over the mountain chain and the volcano. North of the Kitoto Hills the route enters dense rainforest, which is dominated by a large number of plants and flowers. After 3 hours you will reach the Maio Falls and the picnic area of the same name. After this refreshment, you will start the last stage of your mountain descent. You will enjoy the winged cassias and later on you will reach the ArchedFigTree. The forest road leads through the 7 metre wide tree trunk and from this moment, the track is similar to the one of the ascent. Like on the first day, you will walk through wide plains, where you will meet the animals of the Nationalpark. At the end, you will cross the bridge to the Momella Gate and will receive your certificate for the successful summit ascent. From here, you will be accompanied to your Hotel.

  • Day 6

    Departure / onward travel or connecting programme

    Today we shall be pleased to bring you to the airport or bus station or we should gladly like to extend our offer for the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, for a Safari Tour or a stay at Zanzibar. Please do not hesitate to ask us!

Planet Lodge

The Planet Lodge is located about 5km outside Arusha's city center. The rooms are built as bungalows and offer pleasant comfort. The garden and the pool invite visitors to linger. It is about 1 hour to the Kilimanjaro Airport. 


Landschaft, Baum

Arusha National Park

The Arusha National Park is situated north of Arusha between Mount Meru and the Kilimanjaro. The park comprises Mount Meru (4562 m), an extinct volcano including Little Meru (3801 m) and Ash Cone, as well as the Momela Lakes, Ngurdoto Crater and Little Serengeti. The park was founded as Ngurdoto Crater National Park in 1960; Mount Meru became part of the park in 1967. The park covers an area of 137 km², featuring a landscape of forests, swamplands, grasslands, lake areas, alpine highlands and rocks. Famous for its colobus, you can also find many giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, elephants and hippos in the park.


2 overnight stays with half board in Arusha
2 or 3 overnight stays at huts at the Mount Meru
English-speaking guide, cook, carrier (2-3 per guest), ranger
Entry fees
Mountain rescue fees
Hut fees
Sleeping bag 
Security voucher
Flying Doctors Insurance - In case of an accident or a sudden illness, Flying Doctors will bring you to the next landing field and to a hospital in Nairobi. From there, your international health insurance should cover the payment of the treatment.


Visa fees (50 US$ per person)

Tips - Suggestion: 15-20 US$ per group per day for the main guide at Mt. Meru, 10-15 US$ per day per group for the cook and 5-10 US$ per carrier per day, ranger 15-20 US$ per day per group

Personal belongings
International flight (we shall gladly extend our offer to you regardingly).