Marangu Route

Tanzania | 6 days

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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro via Marangu Route in 6 days

The Marangu Route, also known as the Coca Cola Route, is the only route on the summit of Kilimanjaro where you can stay overnight in huts. You start at 1860 m altitude on the Marangu Gate and hike via the Mandara Hut to the Horombo Hut. There you will have two nights in order to be able to acclimatize better, before it goes over the Kibo hut up to Uhuru Peak. Did you know that you officially successfully climbed Kilimanjaro when you reached Gillman's Point? No, of course you can tackle the last stretch to Uhuru Peak before returning to the Horombo Hut via the Kibo Hut. After another night you will return to Marangu Gate and we will drive you to your accommodation.

Let's do th Coca Cola Route - the easiest and comfortable way to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro...

Country Tanzania
Accommodation Huts
Food Fullboard
Minimum number of participants 2 person



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6 days


from 1995 €
Individual trip
per person



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  • Arusha

  • Kilimandscharo


Stella Point Kilimanjaro Uhuru Gipfel auf dem Kilimandscharo

Detailed travel plan

  • Day 1


    Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport. There you issue your visa (50 US per person - or 100 US for US-Citizens), get your luggage and go through customs. Our driver will wait for you and transfers you to Arusha. Driving time 1 hour. Briefing for the Kilimanjaro Trekking with the guide. Dinner and overnight at Karama Lodge.

  • Day 2

    Start Marangu Route at Marangu Gate (1860m) - Mandara Hut (2720m)

    Ascend in the rain forest zone

    Walking time: approx. 3-4 hours for 7 kilometres with a height difference of 853 m

    On your first day in the morning you are picked up at your hotel and transferred to Marangu gate. This takes approx. 2 hours. Drive past small local villages and the banana plantations of the mountain village of Marangu. The journey leads you up to the Kilimanjaro national park. After passing the gate, your luggage is repacked for the climbing and you finish the required paper work together with your guid. After all formalities are done you can start with your climb. The first metres of the Marangu route lead you through thick rain forest. The path through the forest is going slowly uphill and is well developed. The further you go in to the rain forest, the further the daylight also decreases and the typical noises of the jungle increase. Along the way you can discover red Kilimanjaro flowers, gigantic fern plants and primeval forest trees. With some luck monkeys are also crossing your way.

    Have a picnic lunc on the way to Mandara hut. With some new energy you pass by some small waterfalls and follow the way through the forest. From a height of approx. 2600 metres you will proceed to the moorland – zone. From this time you will see 2-4-metre-high Erica Trees along your way. After 3-4 hours you have acclompished the first stage and reach the Maranda hut. In each hut 8 people find a space to sleep. In addition, there is still a big hut for dining. Toilets and washing opportunities are behind the big hut. Besides a lighting system pursued with solar cells is on the area. Otherwise there is no electricity in the huts.

  • Day 3

    Mandara Hut (2720m) - Horombo Hut (3720m)

    Ascend in the rain forest / moorland

    Walking time: approx. 5-6 hours for 11 kilometres with a height difference of 1000 m

    The earlier you start on the second day the better. You will cross the so-called "Monkey Forest" in the morngin. Quick you will note big destroyed surfaces of the wood. This was caused by a disastrous forest fire in the middle nineties. The path is well developed as you go on and along the way you can find Lobelien and torch lilies. After 1.5 km you can do a short excursion to the Maundi crater. From there you have a marvellous look at the Mawenzi and the Taveta. Back on the Marangu route the scenery changes more and more into moorland. In the morning fog covers the meadows. The "highlight" of the ascending are the Ona Hills. At the height of the Masheo Point you will find some stone formations in your way, which will be climbed easily. After 3.5-hour walking time you reach the today's picnic place. Enjoy during the lunchbreak the marvellous look at 2. Kilimanjaro summit. The other way leads along some rocky moors and gigantic cross herbs. At the end of the day you cross a bridge over a small stream and reach Horombo hut. The subdivision of the huts resembles of those of the first camp. In addition, there is one more camping place. Also here there are flushing toilets and washing opportunities.


  • Day 4

    Horombo Hut – Acclimatization Day

    Moorland and alpine desert

    Walking time: approx. 3 hours for 5-8 kilometers, 400 m high an 400 m again back.

    Today is the perfect acclimatization day. Enjoy an unique sunrise. After breakfast you can choose either to go to the “Zebra Rock” or to the Mwanzi Saddle. The “Zebra Rock” is a 20-meter-high black rock formation with white lime depositions, which resemble the color of a Zebra. You will reach a height of 4000 or 4200 meters. From there you have a breathtaking view at Kibo. If you decide on ascent to Mawenzi Saddle, you will reach a height of 4350 meters. Both options give you a good acclimatization for the next days. In both cases you return around lunchtimbe back to Horombo and have time to relax for the rest of the day.

  • Day 5

    Horombo Hut (3720m) - Kibo Hut (4703m)

    Ascend in alpine desert

    Walking time: approx. 5-6 hours for 12 kilometres, with a height difference of 983 m

    Also today wake up early. Today you can choose between two different routes. You can take either the Lower route along the lava Hills up to the Kibo Saddel, or you can decide to take the Upper route. This leads on the right to the lava Hills, you pass the zebra rock and the Mawenzi Saddle. Both routes meet at a height of 4470 metres. The today's routes go through the alpine desert. The scenery is dusty and dry. You are recompensed on the whole way with an amazing view in the width of the alpine desert and with a breathtaking view of the Kibo. On a height of approx. 4000 metres you reach the last water place before the summit. After another hour you reach the Kibo Saddle. Here you take your lunch and have a small lunchbreak, before it goes then through Kibo desert to the Kibo hut. The scenery becomes more dusty and more rocky, the air becomes thinner and the runway more precipitous. After another hour walking time you reach the Kibo hut. There is a big stone hut about accommodation several people in one hut. It is very important to have a good sleeping bag, as the huts are not heated and an icy wind blows through the camp. You take your dinner at your room at around 104.30 pm and go to bed early.

  • Day 6

    Summit Day – Kibo Hut ( 4703m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) - Horombo  Hut (3720m)

    Ascend and descent in the summit zone and alpine desert

    Walking time: approx. 12-14 hours for 21 kilometres, with a height difference of 1192 m going and 2175 m to return

    About midnight you start your day with a light breakfast. Together with your guide you start by the starry, but bitter cold night in the direction to the summit. You have finished the first part after about 2 hours. You reach the Hans's Meyer cave on a height of 5200 m. The rest of the way is lighted by the forehead lamps of the other mountaineers and with every small step you get closer to the summit. After another 2 hours you reach the Gillman's Point at a height of 5681 metres. Officially you have reached the summit of the Kilimanjaro. The sun rises slowly and you experience a marvellous coulour play around Mawenzi. The way leads you now past on the edge of the Reusch crater to Stella Point (5740m). Further it goes past the Rebmann-Glacier which is dipped by the sunrays in the most different colours. Now you reach to Hans Meyer Point. From here you can already see the summit sign of the Uhuru Peak. Finish the last steps to reach your goal.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have reached the highest point of Africa. Admire the breathtaking view and do not forget to take the summit picture.

    You leave the summit and return to Gillman's Point. Further it goes along the crater edge back to the Kibo hut. There you take your lunch and proceed down to the Horombo hut.

  • Day 7

    Descend Horombo Hut (3720m) – Marangu Gate (1860m)

    Your last day of the Kilimanjaro adventure begins with an extensive breakfast. Take a picture of the whole team and continue your way back to Marangu gate. You will return on the same path as on the beginning, so you will see some people starting the same way you have finished already. Around afternoon you reach the Marangu gate. Here you receive your certificate and transferred back to Arusha for overnight. 

  • Day 8

    Departure / Onward travel or further program

    Today we will be happy to transfer you on time on the airport or bus station. We will be also happy to make you an offer for a safari or beach holiday on Zanzibar. Ask us!

Planet Lodge

The Planet Lodge is located about 5km outside Arusha's city center. The rooms are built as bungalows and offer pleasant comfort. The garden and the pool invite visitors to linger. It is about 1 hour to the Kilimanjaro Airport. 


Zeltlager, Kilimandscharo, Steine

Kilimanjaro National Park

The snow-covered peak of the Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights of Africa. At the border of Kenya and Tanzania, the mountain rises up to 5896 m above sea level. It is one of the highest volcanoes in the world, the highest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain on Earth. In Kilimanjaro National Park, the Kilimanjaro shows up from the vast plains of Tanzania and features tropical rain forests, fields of glacial ice, swamps and mystic moon landscapes. Accept the big challenge of ascending this majestic mountain, discover the lush foothills, enjoy the breath-taking views.


2x overnight with halfboard in Arusha
5 nights in huts on the mountain
English speaking guide, assistant guide, cook, porter (minimum 3 per Person)
Entry fee
Rescue fee
Camping fee
Sleeping bag
Insurance against our insolvency (only if you are booking through the German Office)
Flying Doctors Insurance - in case of an accident or a sudden sickness - the Flying Doctors will pick you from the next airstrip and bring you to Nairobi to a hospital. From there your international health insurance should take over the costs of the treatment..


Visa fee (50 US per person - 100 US if US citizen)
Extra equipment
International flight (we will be happy to send you an offer)

Tips - recommendation: 15-20 US per group per day for the main guide, 10-15 US per day per group for the assistant guide, 10-15 US per day per group for the cook and 5-10 US per porter per day - tips to be given at the end of the climbing.
Things of personal need