Fly-in-Safari South Tanzania

Tanzania | 11 days

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Go on fly-in-safari off the beaten tracks in the undiscovered South of Tanzania

Country Tanzania
Accommodation Luxury
Food Full Board
Minimum number of participants 2 Pax



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11 days


from 6.628 €
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Tansania interaktive Karte
  • Dar es Salaam

  • Selous Game Reserve

  • Ruaha Nationalpark


Safari South Tanzania

Detailed travel plan

  • Day 1

    Arrival in Dar es Salaam

    Today you are arrving in Dar es Salaam. Go through immigration and customs and get your luggage. Welcome to the economic capital of Tanzania. Your driver will be waiting for you at the exit. Transfer to the hotel.

  • Day 2

    Dar es Salaam - Nyerere National Park

    In the morning your driver will bring you back to Dar es Salaam Airport. From here you fly into Nyerere National Park. Tanzania's newly established Nyerere National Park is part of the Selous Game Reserve and Africa's largest national park. Nyerere National Park covers an impressive 30,893 square kilometers and is home to some of the world's largest animal species. You will be met on arrival and taken to camp. In the afternoon you can already take part in your first boat tour on the Rufiji River. Marvel at the diversity of bird life and watch animals drinking by the water.

  • Day 3-6

    Untouched nature with great activities - Nyerere National Park

    Use these days to explore the Nyerere National Park. You decide on the following activities with the camp manager: game drives, hikes, boat tours on the Rufiji River. The tours are carried out with other guests in the camp!

    Game drives:
    Accompanied by the experienced guides from Siwandu Camp, travel in comfort in an open 4x4 vehicle and venture into the nature reserve to explore the rich African wildlife.

    Hiking is a wonderful way to get close to nature and learn about some of the smaller species and ecosystems in the reserve, as well as the flora and fauna. The walk is slow and leisurely, allowing you to listen to interesting things from your knowledgeable guide. Walks are offered to guests aged 16 and over.

    Boat trip:
    When the water level is high enough, take a boat tour of the winding waterways of the Rufiji Delta, the largest in East Africa. During the rest of the year you can explore Lake Nzerakera either in sturdy metal boats with canopies or on our beautiful pontoon boat. Enjoy a sundowner or dinner on the boat while you watch the wonderful variety of bird life go by and watch the animals drinking by the water.

  • Day 7

    Nyerere National Park to Ruaha National Park

    Today you leave the Nyerere National Park and fly on to the Ruaha. Ruaha lies in the transition zone between the northern and southern hemispheres. Both the migratory birds and the East African and South African mammals overlap here! This results in an overwhelming number of bird and plant species that lead to a correspondingly large number of mammals. The large plain of the park lies between mountains and steep slopes, grass and river areas. When you arrive at the airstrip, you will be welcomed and brought to your accommodation. The first game drives take place in the afternoon.

  • Day 8-10

    On a discovery tour in the Ruaha National Park

    Use the days in the Ruaha National Park for extensive game drives. The tours are carried out with other guests in the camp, the exact times are discussed with the camp manager on site.

    The road network around the camp was primarily developed by the experienced guides from the Jongomero Camp and is therefore perfect for superlative game drives, with the thrill of tracking down animals and the serenity of getting to know this incredible environment. With just four seats in most of our open-front 4WD vehicles, you can enjoy the game drives in peace. The game drives are conducted with other guests of the camp.

  • Day 11

    From the wilderness back to Dar es Salaam

    Your safari is drawing to a close today. You fly from Ruaha back to Dar es Salaam and land at the Domestic Terminal. From here you will be picked up and taken to the international terminal. This is where you check in for your flight home.

    Goodbye Africa!

    We say goodbye and wish you a good flight:

    Kwa heri na karibu tena!

    Goodbye and see you soon!

Zelt, Unterkunft, Bett

Siwandu Camp

Siwandu is sheltered in a palm grove on the shores of Lake Nzerakera, part of the waterways of the Rufiji River system. Perfect for experiencing the rich wildlife of the Nyerere National Park. Explore the breathtaking landscape on foot with our morning walks, in 4x4 vehicles with our expert guides, and on the water with boat trips on the river and lake. The accommodation is located on the lakeshore and therefore offers maximum privacy. In the ten spacious tents you can watch the animals from your bed.

Zelt, Unterkunft, Tisch

Jongomero Camp

Jongomero is located secluded in the Southern part of Ruaha National Park, underneath wonderful shady trees on the shore of a seasonal river. Faraway from crowds, this solitary idyll gives you the chance to explore genuine wilderness. The camp bar, lounge and restaurant are located on an extensive river meander. There is also a wooden patio, shadowed with a high, thatched roof and decorated with luxurious sofas and striking furniture made of dhow wood. After having watched the wild animals by car and by foot, you can relax at the elevated pool and enjoy the view and the sounds of nature. The accommodations in Jongomero have eight well-furnished tent suites each with a big, private patio and bathroom. Snuggle into a warming blanket in your eight foot wide bed, made of dhow wood. Fall asleep behind the canvas with the African murmurs surrounding you.

Hotelzimmer, Bett, Fenster

Serena Dar es Salaam

The elegant Dar es Salaam Serena, an oasis of luxury in the heart of Dar es Salaam, enjoys an exceptionally high-caliber clientele and regularly hosts regional and international events. Surrounded by tropical gardens and just minutes from the wide beaches of the Indian Ocean that characterize this vibrant city, the 230 m² Dar es Salaam Serena offers a unique blend of African style and world-class professionalism. Stylish yet relaxed, the hotel is one of the capital's most popular meeting places and the ideal location for business and social events.

Landschaft mit Bäumen

Ruaha National Park

The largest national park of Tanzania is Ruaha (about 20,221 km²), covering roughly the size of Belgium. Ruaha is situated in the transition zone of the northern and southern hemisphere – here you can find migrant birds, as well as eastern African and southern African mammals! This creates an overwhelming amount of different bird species (530 known species, almost half of all species found in the country) and more than 1400 plant species, which account for a large amount of mammals. The large plain of the park is surrounded by mountains and steep slopes, grasslands, rocky summits and river areas. Regarding this range of natural habitats, it’s not surprising such a large variety of mammals is living in Ruaha.

Nilpferde im Wasser

Nyerere National Park (former: Selous Game Reserve)

The Nyerere National Park (former Selous Game Reserve) is one of the largest protected area in Africa (31,000 km²). It is situated in the southwest of Tanzania and  was named after the "Nation's Father" Julius Nyerere. It is famous for its big herds of elephants, hippos, crocodiles and wild dogs. It is also a paradise for 350 bird species and 2000 plant species. Next to game drives you can enjoy boat tours and walking tour. The Rufiji River is responsilbe to distribute enough water in this area for the animals, plants and filling up several lakes.


Airport transfers

4x4–Safari car

Accommodation and meals as mentioned

English speaking guide

Game drives and activities with other guests in the camp

Entry fees

National flights with 15kg per person baggage allowance (including hand luggage)

Flying Doctors Insurance*


* In case of an accident or a sudden sickness you will be picked up by the Flying Doctors from the nearest airstrip and flown to Nairobi into the hospital - from here your health insurance should take over the costs for hospital and doctor's treatment


Airport fees in case of any

Things of personal needs

Tips: 15-20USD per day for the guide (recommendation)

Visa fees (50USD per person - 100 US per person if US national)


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