Bereits seit über 13 Jahren erhalten wir Reiseberichte von unseren Gästen, die von ihren unvergesslichen Erlebnissen auf ihren Afrikareisen berichten. Viele erfüllten sich einen Lebenstraum. Lesen Sie hier von ihren Erfahrungen!

It was a wonderful trip of Tanzania safari

Frau mit Elefant im Hintergrund
28.03. 2014

Hello Annette,

Hope you and your family are doing well. We are safely reached to our country and will like to thank you for planning our African Safari trip. We would definitely recommend your company (Daniel as a guide come driver) to our friends.


 It was a wonderful trip of Tanzania safari (Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation, Serengeti National Park and Lake Manyara) for 6 days. We had planned for this since a long time. Thanks to African Experts, we took a 4x4 cross country across Tanzania in game drive to see the Big 5  (Lion,Leopard,Elephant,Rhino and Buffalo) and we were lucky to see all 5.We also visited the Maasai,Kushtic,nilotic tribal village and danced with them. Our journey started from Arusha - Tarangire- Ngorongoro - Serengeti - Lake Manyara. Serengeti was a life time experience as we slept in tents with lions, giraffes passing by, saw lion cubs, baby elephant, two horn black rhinoceros, lion hunting wildebeest, leopard eating a gazelle on treetop, 2 mn wildebeest/zebra/gazelle migration in Tanzania and lastly the King of the Jungle (male lion) from 3 m distance as a dessert to our African Safari trip.

I will soon send you a detailed African Safari trip day by day commentary. I would seriously recommend that Serengeti should be one of the bucket list for anyone not visited Africa and they should choose African Safari.

Amrita and Anirban Das