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2020 22.03.

Update on planned trips and COVID-19

Dear guests,

COVID-19 has gripped the world. Journeys are especially restricted and we as travel experts are monitoring the situation very carefully. During the last days, we and our colleagues worldwide have been busy providing advice to travellers, especially those who are abroad right now, and adapting travel plans to make sure everyone comes home safely.

When your trip is not planned in the next 4 weeks, we are asking for your considerateness.
As said, we are carefully monitoring the situation and will consider about 4-6 weeks prior to your planned departure whether the trip can be made or if there are any restrictions.
Should there be any restrictions making it impossible for you to start your journey, we will contact you and find a solution together. This could imply rebooking the trip to a later point in time free of charge – any price differences for the accommodations and availabilities will be checked by us directly.

I would be happy to issue you a voucher for the amount you have already paid. You can then use the voucher for your next trip with Africa Safari Experts without restrictions.

At the moment we can only ask you to stay considerate, monitor the situation, keep looking forward to your journey, and we will continue to be there for you via phone (+49 961 6343691) or e-mail.

Stay safe and healthy,
Annette Sirikwa with the entire team