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2023 20.02.

Traveling in East Africa means ...

You immerse yourself in incomparable landscapes, meet incredibly friendly people who welcome you to their country with a big smile and take unforgettable memories and experiences home with you.

Gravel roads!
East Africa's road network is still quite bumpy in the truest sense of the word! The main connecting roads are mostly well developed. As soon as it goes off the main roads and into the national parks, it gets bumpy. Gravel roads plow through the landscape, also to preserve the natural habitats of the animals.

Pole Pole!
Pole Pole means slowly slowly and this is actually the first thing that strikes you when you enter the country. Here the saying comes true: “The Europeans invented the clock and the Africans invented the time!”

Wild animals!
The animal density in East Africa is one of the highest on the entire continent! The most well-known are the Big Five, which you may be lucky enough to get up close to, but many other animals you've probably never heard of will also cross your path!

Travel comfort!
Would you like to travel as locally or as comfortably as possible? Both or a mixture of both is possible with us. In terms of accommodation, we offer you a wide range of tents with sleeping bags and mattresses, cozy tented camps and lodges, and luxurious accommodation. During the safari you will be traveling in four-wheel drive vehicles that can handle the terrain well and safely. You will be accompanied by our excellent and cheerful guides, who can tell you in detail about the respective countries.


And when are you traveling to East Africa?


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